Translation Service Translation Rates
English into Mongolian $0.16 per word
Mongolian into English $0.16 per word
Semi-Technical material $0.17 per word
Technical material $0.185 per word
Proofreading and Formatting $50 per hour

Translation and Interpretation between Mongolian and English available for either personal or professional needs. We provide services for government and business contracts, as well as personal correspondence.

Translation is our most requested service. There is a minimum of $20 on translation work. There are general translation and specialized translation.

Technical translations include:

  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Scientific translation

Contact us for a quote to suit your specific needs.

Mongolian Language Tutoring is also available for those who are interested. The tutoring rate is $30 per hour 2 hours minimum.

We offer Interpretation Services for those who are interested in person to person conversation or business meetings. There are two types of Interpretation:

  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation

There is a 1 hour minimum on phone Interpretation, and a 1 day minimum on all in person Interpretation services.

Interpretation Service Interpretation Rates
Phone Interpretation $50 per hour
Consecutive Interpretation $250 per day + travel expenses
Simultaneous Interpretation $270 per day + travel expenses